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The Music Staff - 5 lines and 4 spaces

Musical Alphabet Definitions The Staff
Grand Staff Bar Lines Clefs
Lines and Spaces Lines and Spaces Form Staff Ledger Lines
Keyboard Ledger Lines Staff Quiz  

Musical Pitch - how high or low

Whole and Half Steps Understanding Intervals The Intervals Keyboard
Intervals on the Staff Interval Half Steps Keyboard Intervals
Sight Singing Vocal Ranges Pitch Quiz

Scales - the natural organization of notes

The Scale C Scale on the Staff Major Scales
Chromatic Scale Key Signatures Key Signature Quiz

Notes - how to show pitch and duration

Musical Notes Note Duration Dotted Note Duration
Note Values and Money Quarters, Halfs and Whole Notes Note Values Tree

Rhythm - the beat of the music

Time Signatures Counting Beats Even Eighth Notes
Dotted Pattern Dotted 8th - 16th 8th Note Tripletts

Symbols and Stuff . . .

Road Signs of Music Sharps and Flats Accidentals Quiz
Dynamics The Fermata Crescendo
The Metronome Singing Skills Symbols Quiz
Conducting the 4/4 Pattern Be a Better Choir Member A Musical Slogan

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